Welcome to our frequently asked questions page!

From time to time we get asked questions ranging from training to housebreaking.

This is the section where we address those questions. We periodically update this section as new issues arise such as microchipping and/or tattooing puppies.

If you have any questions or you feel we should add onto this section, please feel free to use the link below to our feedback form to submit one.


1.  How soon can I start training my puppy?

    Training begins the moment you get that bundle of fur in your mitts!  Formal training will depend on the instructor, but     typically twelve weeks is a good age.

2.  How do I find the right vet?

    As easy as this question may sound, it is a bit more difficult than simply opening the phone book. But, it will be worth     the effort in a time of need.  Some things to consider are location, office hours, and staff. I look for the same     characteristics that I want in my family physician, someone who will take the time to explain problems as well as     preventative measures. I also want a staff that enjoys working with animals.

3.  What about vaccinations?

    Within the first 9 weeks, your puppy should be vaccinated with its first shot.  Below is a recommended schedule for     shots. Always remember to consult your veterinarian who will tailor a schedule that best meets your dog's needs.

DISEASE 1st Shot 2nd  Shot 3rd Shot Revaccination
Distemper 5-9 wks. 9-12wks. 14-16wks +/- 1yr.
Infectious Hepatitis 5-9 wks. 9-12wks. 14-16wks +/- 1yr.
Parvovirus infections 5-9 wks. 9-12wks. 14-16wks +/- 1yr.
Bordetellosis 5-9 wks. 9-12wks. 14-16wks +/- 1yr.
Parainfluenza 5-9 wks. 9-12wks. 14-16wks +/- 1yr.
Leptospirosis 9-12 wks 14-16wks. +/- 1yr.
Rabies 12 wks. 64 wks. 1 or 3 yrs.

4.  Do you provide a written bill of sale detailing all information exchanged by the buyer and seller?


5.  Do you microchip or tattoo puppies?

    No, I do not microchip or tattoo my puppies. This would be an additional cost of the puppy. Also, I don't believe after
    someone spends $900 - $1500 on a puppy that they should dictate to have their pet spayed or neutered.

6.  Are you a member of the poodle AKC parent club or a local specialty club?

    All of my dogs are AKC registered.

7.  Are the puppies socialized and temperament tested before placement in their new homes and are they

    Our puppies are very socialized by the time they leave with their new owners. We have three grandchildren and a     group of neighbors that play with the pups and handle them from the time they are born.